Our Story

Founded as a family business in the heart of the North American breadbasket, Bundy Baking Solutions has become a global industry leader serving many of the world’s largest and most successful bakeries.


Our Founder, Russell T. Bundy

Russell, one of the most prominent people in the baking industry, began his career with Ekco/Glaco, a leading manufacturer of baking pans and coating services at the time. By age 25, Russ had risen to become the company’s national sales manager. His entrepreneurial spirit soon beckoned him to launch RTB, what would eventually become part of Bundy Baking Solutions and its six family brands. In 2006, Russell was honored as an industry leader by being recognized in the inaugural class of inductees into the American Society of Baking’s Baking Hall of Fame.

One of his long-time passions has been to collect the memorabilia and historical artifacts of the baking industry. He has created a remarkable museum dedicated to his collection, which is housed in Urbana, Ohio. The Bundy Baking Museum is indeed a fitting tribute to the industry that has fueled Russ’ entrepreneurial passion for more than 60 years.

  • 1964


    Russell T. Bundy Associates, Inc. (RTB) was founded by Russell Bundy to engage in the purchase and resale of pre-owned bakery pans and equipment. RTB originated in Columbus, Ohio and later relocated to Urbana, Ohio due to the need for additional space and growth potential.

  • Tom Bundy - President - Pan Glo


    Pan Glo

    In 1975, the first Pan Glo plant was opened in Urbana, Ohio to provide bakeries with quality pan cleaning and recoating services. Tom Bundy, President of Pan Glo, joined the family business in 1976 and has since worked in nearly every aspect of the operation, from shipping and receiving to sales and marketing. Pan Glo now has 19 facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia.

  • Gilbert Bundy - Chief Executive Officer - Bundy Baking Solutions


    American Pan

    The Bundy family then ventured beyond reselling pre-owned pans into manufacturing new ones. In 1985, Gilbert Bundy led the formation of American Pan to meet a growing worldwide demand for high-quality, custom baking pans.

  • 1992


    American Pan acquired DuraShield® coatings, the world's leader in non-stick coatings for baking pans.

  • 2002

    Pan Glo de Mexico

    Pan Glo crossed international borders with the opening of Pan Glo de Mexico to offer pan cleaning and glazing, as well as DuraShield recoating and sales, to bakers throughout Mexico and Central America.

  • 2005

    Chicago Metallic

    The new pan business received another boost in 2005 with the acquisition of Chicago Metallic Bakeware, a manufacturer of high-quality stock commercial bakeware in Humboldt, Tennessee serving the commercial, industrial, foodservice, supermarket, and retail baking markets.

  • 2007


    Shaffer Manufacturing Corporation, an industrial mixer manufacturer, was purchased and became Shaffer Mixers. This purchase enhanced the group’s equipment offerings and allowed them to work in tandem with RTB to provide customers with front-end mixing and processing equipment solutions.

  • 2010

    USA Pan

    American Pan formed USA Pan, a line of bakeware and cookware produced for use by consumers in their homes. USA Pan products can be found online and at retail stores across the United States.

  • Robert Bundy - Vice President of Operations - Pan Glo USA


    Chicago Metallic Canada and Pan Glo Canada

    Bundy Baking Solutions expanded its North American presence in 2012 with the acquisition of a pan manufacturer and several pan coating service centers, all located in Canada. The stock bakeware company is now operated as Chicago Metallic Bakeware Canada and the pan service centers are known as Pan Glo Canada. Robert Bundy spent several years as the Director of Canadian Operations for Chicago Metallic and Pan Glo, and has also worked with American Pan, DuraShield, and Shaffer since 2004.

  • 2013

    American Pan Cainco

    American Pan partnered with Cainco Equipamentos P/Panificacão Ltda. of Bauru, Brazil to expand our pan manufacturing and coating services. Cainco was founded in 1973 by the Casarin family who still work with the company today serving Brazilian and international bakeries.

  • 2015

    American Pan UK

    In 2015, Bundy Baking Solutions expanded their pan sales and servicing to Europe with the opening of American Pan UK in Skelmersdale, England. The facility equipment was upgraded to provide full pan refurbishment services including coating with AMERICOAT® silicone glaze.

  • 2016

    Pan Glo de Colombia

    Pan Glo de Colombia opens in Pereira, Colombia to provide bakeries in Central and South America with pan refurbishment services and local access to pre-owned and new baking pans.

  • 2016

    American Pan SE

    American Pan SE was opened in Barcelona, Spain to provide bakery operations in Europe and the Middle East with new pan sales and support along with pan cleaning, straightening, and recoating services for DuraShield® and OptiShield® coatings.

  • Bill Bundy - President, Europe and MENA


    American Pan Prestige

    Bundy Baking Solutions acquires the FBS Prestige division of Fluorocarbon Ltd. The plant location in Irlam, Manchester is now part of American Pan UK and offers complete pan refurbishment including coating with DuraShield and OptiShield coatings. The manufacturing plant in Alexandria, Romania was renamed American Pan Prestige and is the company’s fifth manufacturing location for new baking pans.