Blending, Baking & Innovation

Built with extensive hands-on knowledge of the baking industry and its operations, Bundy has a legendary reputation for both quality and innovation.

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Expanding in Europe

American Pan Opens Coatings Service Facility in Barcelona

Bundy recently announced this expansion through the acquisition of the FBS Prestige division of Fluorocarbon Ltd.

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SMART Pan Tracking®

American Pan SMART Pan Tracking®

The American Pan SMART Pan Tracking® system provides bakeries with valuable, precise data to monitor pan coating life and line efficiency, allowing continuous improvement.

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February 20-23, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

Join us for the 26th biannual Machinery, Materials, Marketing, of Bakery and Confectionery show!

Mt. Fiji and Cherry Blossoms near Tokyo, which will host MOBAC - the 26th biannual Machinery, Materials, Marketing, of Bakery and Confectionery show!

American Pan

Industrial Baking Pans & Coatings

American Pan is the world's leading provider of custom and stock baking pans, pan coatings and pan refurbishment services. Our commitment to quality, innovation and service results in pans of legendary performance and durability.

Half Sheet Pan With Durashield Coating And Wire In Rim Construction

Chicago Metallic

Commercial & Foodservice Bakeware

Chicago Metallic Bakeware provides stock bakeware for retail and foodservice companies. For more than a century, the Chicago Metallic name has been synonymous with innovative products, superior quality, and exceptional service.

Pan Glo

Pan Cleaning & Recoating

Pan Glo has perfected the process for cleaning and recoating baking pans through 25 years serving some of the world's largest and most demanding bakeries. Our exclusive methodology and coatings prolong pan life and restore optimal performance.

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Pre-Owned Baking Pans & Equipment

RTB offers pre-owned horizontal mixers and dough handling equipment. We also offer pre-owned pans through our Chicago Metallic and Pan Glo de Colombia operations.

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Mixers & Processing Equipment

Shaffer offers the most extensive and innovative line of horizontal mixers in the baking industry. Our staff pushed the envelope with our proprietary open frame mixer design and has elevated bowl cooling performance standards. We develop technology that not only makes the mixing process more consistent, but also minimizes downtime through maintenance-free and enhanced sanitation designs. This advanced yet simple theme carries over to our line of bread moulders, with features like independently driven sheeting rollers and a hinged and counterbalanced pressure board.