Bundy Baking Solutions will engage our industry, our customers, and our employees to anticipate their needs and provide intelligent, responsible solutions.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment through responsible operations practices.

We strive to reduce energy consumption, decrease or negate the impact of our waste streams, and use innovative design, distribution, and reclaim and recycling practices to provide products and services that are environmentally sensible. All of our operating facilities are in the process of converting to high-performance lighting that will reduce energy consumption for lighting by up to 50%. In our American Pan® plant alone, we will save over 250,000 watts in the next 5 years – the equivalent of removing 192 vehicles from the road.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives our responsible manufacturing processes.

  • We ensure all waste water meets relevant standards.
  • All gas emissions meet relevant standards and use exempt organic solvents which contribute no negative gases to the ozone or smog.
  • We recycle office and computer paper products, wooden skids/pallets, cardboard, aluminum cans, and scrap metal from production.
  • We continuously work on formulas to improve bake properties while also using fewer to no regulated chemicals or VOC’s.

American Pan recycles an average of 220,000 pounds of scrap metal per month.

Environmentally Sensible Products

Sustainable Logistics are Smart Business

We maintain 13 Pan Glo facilities located across North America for the most efficient shipping to and from customers, reducing carbon emissions and resource consumption for transportation. We also use our own trucking fleet to better manage resource consumption.

Our AMERICOAT® silicone coating and our DuraShield® dark non-stick coating can significantly reduce, and in some cases, virtually eliminate the need for oils or release products.

Our Core Values

At Bundy Baking Solutions, our goal is to be the most trusted supplier of essential equipment, bakeware, coatings and services to bakers around the world. This can only be accomplished by an amazing team that’s aligned with that goal. We need to earn it every day and remember that our customers’ success is our success. And that success starts with living our core values.

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