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CompanyProductPatent #Country
American Pan
Chicago Metallic
Uni-Lock (Baguette) Pans7,258,246USA
Uni-Lock (Baguette) Pans2,557,979Canada
Uni-Lock (Baguette) Pans263409Mexico
Uni-Lock (Baguette) PansEP1765678Europe
Uni-Lock (Baguette) PansEP1765678UK
Uni-Lock (Baguette) PansEP1765678France
Uni-Lock (Baguette) PansDE602005016252.6Germany
American Pan
Chicago Metallic
StayFlat Sheet Pans9,737,171USA
American Pane2PAN – eBand8,348,089USA
e2PAN – eBandEP2566337Europe (Germany, Turkey, France, UK, Romania, Italy, Portugal)
American PanPans with Structural Ribs6,736,052USA
American Pan
Chicago Metallic
Subway PansD701,418 (Design)USA
Subway Pans9,332,766 (Utility)USA
American PanTabLock Baking ScreensPatent PendingUSA
TabLock Baking ScreensPatent PendingEU
American Pane-Bread PanPatent PendingUSA
American Pan
Chicago Metallic
EXACT STACK Pizza PansPatent PendingUSA
EXACT STACK Pizza PansPatent PendingCanada
EXACT STACK Pizza PansPatent PendingMexico
ShafferBowl Cooling Jacket8,353,621USA
Bowl Cooling Jacket2,743,422Canada
ShafferMixing Bowl Cooling Jacket with Turbulence Inducing Structures8,708,549USA
Mixing Bowl Cooling Jacket with Turbulence Inducing Structures5726474Japan
ShafferRefrigerated Agitator Assembly for MixersPatent PendingUSA
ShafferVertech Bowl Cooling Jacket for Industrial Mixers9,894,904USA
ShafferAgitator Shaft Seal Assembly for Industrial MixersPatent PendingUSA
ShafferAgitator & Dual Agitator Assembly for use with Industrial MixersPatent PendingUSA


CompanyProductPatent #Country
American PanAmerican PanPendingEU
American PanPendingFrance
American PanPendingItaly
American PanPendingJapan
American Pan1268908Spain
American Pan1268908UK
American Pan 4,014,990USA
American Shield & DesignPendingBrazil
Russell T. Bundy Assocs., Inc.
Pan Glo
Americoat 2.644,337USA
American PanDuraShield 766253Australia
DuraShield 3,401.578 & 3,401.579Argentina
DuraShield TMA460314Canada
DuraShield 1112042Chile
DuraShield 895466European Union
DuraShield 951552815France
DuraShield 395,02,639Germany
DuraShield 209717Ireland
DuraShield 752796Italy
DuraShield 4069995Japan
DuraShield 773730Mexico
DuraShield 84507Peru
DuraShield 2181997Spain
DuraShield 2007434United Kingdom
DuraShield 1847016USA
DuraShield Pan Coating 457.968Uruguay
e2PAN1276069Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, UK
e2PAN 5,071,336USA
American Pane2PAN & Design1279596Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, UK
e2PAN & Design PendingCanada
e2PAN & Design 5,011,367USA
American PanEagle Design 3,984,213USA
ShafferEagle Eye 4,136,562USA
American PanePAN1276067Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, UK
ePAN TMA958,911Canada
ePAN 3,636,103USA
ePAN & Design1280036Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, UK
ePAN & Design TMA958,911Canada
ePAN & Design3,636,104USA
Chicago MetallicEXACT STACK & Design 5,180,624USA
American PanOptishield TMA978,324Canada
Optishield 1238286Chile
Optishield 97127Peru
Optishield1306790United Kingdom
Optishield 5,178,276USA
OptishieldWaiting on registration numberVenezuela
Russell T. Bundy Assocs. Inc.
Pan Glo
Pan Glo1340235Colombia
Pan GloPendingMexico
Pan Glo TMA,951,898Canada
Pan Glo 5,025,570USA
Pan Glo America 2,827,044USA
Russell T. Bundy Assocs. Inc.
Pan Glo
American PanPermaclean 721457Canada
ShafferShaffer 5,011,416USA
Shaffer1320729Czech Republic
American PanSMART Pan Tracking 4,961,810USA
Chicago MetallicSTAYFLAT 4,982,454USA
Chicago MetallicUNI-LOCK TMA966,048Canada
UNI-LOCK 4,982,457USA
ShafferVertech Refrigeration JacketPendingUSA
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