Pan Glo

Our locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia provide recoating services to our extensive global customer base.

Before and after image: dirty pans on the left, pristine pans on the right after a Pan Glo treatment.

What We Do

We’ve perfected the process for cleaning and recoating baking pans through 25 years serving some of the world’s largest and most demanding bakeries. Our exclusive methodology and coatings prolong pan life and restore optimal performance.

Process Steps

1. Straightening(Optional)

Hydraulic presses and custom-made dies remove dents and warping, restoring pans to their original shape.

2. Cleaning

A proprietary cleaning solution removes the existing coating as well as heavy greases and carbon from pans.

3. Rinsing

Pans are restored to pristine cleanliness.

4. Drying

Pans are dried in industrial ovens before coating and shipping back to you.

5. Coating

Pans are coated with our AMERICOAT® ePlus coating and cured in high-temperature batch ovens.

DuraShield® long-life coating also available.

Panglo Step Three

Key Benefits

Reduce Costs

Use bakeware and equipment longer and reduce or eliminate secondary release agents such as oil, silicone mats, and paper.

Decrease Cleaning Time

Enjoy minimal maintenance and cleaning

Increase Efficiency

Experience fewer work stoppages and handling errors with straightened pans

Increase Productivity

Increase yield and reduce waste from depanning issues

Improve Product Quality

Ensure product consistency through improved dough flow and release

Increase Safety & Cleanliness

Create a safer environment with reduced fire hazards due to elimination of oils and grease

Enhance Sustainability

Limit environmental impact by reducing scrap levels, reducing consumption of oils, and prolonging the life of your pans.

Life Cycle Management Programs

Our Life Cycle Management Programs establish a continuous cycle to keep your bakeware and equipment clean and hygienic. This service has been proven to reduce operating costs by 15 to 40 percent. In addition to the benefits of recoating pans, these programmes give you:

Dedicated Inventory

Automatically replace equipment as needed to maintain required inventory levels

Color Coding System

Easily identify and manage distinct inventory for gluten-free, nut-free, kosher, and other specialized use

Dedicated Account Manager

Depend on guidance and support throughout the process



Bundy History Pan Glo
  • 1975

    First Pan Glo plant opens in Urbana, Ohio

  • 1998

    Ekco Glaze plants acquired and Pan Glo Services formed

  • 2002

    Pan Glo de Mexico opens

  • 2012

    Pan Glo acquires Lockwood Manufacturing pan coating plants in Canada

  • 2015

    Pan Glo established American Pan UK through acquisition of Cleanbake LTD.


Our Locations

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