Release Agents, Oils & Spraying Equipment

Reduce oil use, hone your glazing schedule, and extend the release life of your pans with the help of our expert release agent formulas, precise production process, and collaborative sales team.


Supra Release Oils

Get the optimal release for your breads with our line of Supra Release Oils. Based on our knowledge of your bakery, we’ll recommend the right oil for your application to produce the highest quality baked goods.

Primo Mineral Oils

We only produce release agents made from food-grade ingredients, meaning your equipment oils won't impact your product's quality.

Ultro Trough Grease

Spraying Equipment

Achieve the most accurate spraying of release agents while increasing productivity and decreasing waste and downtime.

Doing what’s right for you is the only way to succeed.

Choosing Synova release agents is about more than getting high-quality oils and greases. With the addition of Synova, Bundy can now provide comprehensive baking solutions to help you get the most out of your pans.


Increase confidence at every step of production

We want you to know you’re going to get the exact release agent you need, when you need it. That’s why we use our understanding of your bakery to suggest the right product, how much to use, and how many runs your pan’s ideal release will last.


Ensure you’re producing the highest quality baked goods

From the moment food-grade ingredients are delivered to our production facility to when your product is baked, our precise production process works to ensure the quality of your baked good through automated blending, strict quality control, and optimized formulas.


Reduce costs and add value to your business

We’ll work with you to develop a streamlined process for product delivery, release agent application, and pan tracking. You won’t just reduce monetary costs, you’ll improve employee working conditions, reduce bakery maintenance, and increase sustainability.

One of the Synova release agents, a golden oil with a few bubbles, fills the middle of the page.

Our Cutting-Edge Production Facilities


We built our processing plant from the ground up, developing an intelligent infrastructure that increases precision to ensure the quality of baked goods.


We automate formulas to ensure release agent consistency and production efficiency, so you get the right release agent every time.


Food Safety

From using stainless steel equipment to limiting the co-mingling of products, we take every measure to ensure food safety.


Increased Uptime

Predictive and preventive production practices keeps our facility up and running, so your orders are ready when you need them.



American Pan


AccuTech Pan Oiler

AccuTech Pan Oiler