Synova Expands Product Line

Synova recently announced the expansion of its product line to include allergen-free, GMO-free, and pure vegetable oils, in addition to new standard release oils to help ensure the consistency and quality of your baked goods while meeting the demands of your customers.

Synova release agents provide more value and stability than any other release agent. They are sourced from the highest-grade ingredients and expertly formulated to provide excellent release. The range of oils that Synova offers help to fit the needs of all kinds of release applications in the baking industry.

New product selections were based on consumer demands and helping bakers solve common issues in the bakery when it comes to product release. Not only do the oils provide better product release, but they also reduce the amount of residue buildup on pans and aid in keeping the plant environment cleaner and safer.

In regard to the new line of allergen-free products, Ada Lacayo, Lab Director at Synova notes, “At the request of our customers, we created soy lecithin-free products using the same high-quality ingredients that form part of our bread pan oils.” Managing food-related allergens is an issue that bakery operations are required to address and also a major business decision that can draw loyal customers.

“The industry as a whole is moving towards products that are ‘better for you,’ including organic, clean label, and gluten-free,” states Chick Bowers, Business Development Manager at Synova. Synova will continue to monitor these industry trends and work to meet the needs of its customers.

Reduce oil use, hone your glazing schedule, and extend the release life of your pans with the help of Synova Release Agents. With a variety of formulas available, you can find the exact oil you need for your bakery’s size, production process, and baked goods.

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