Refrigerated Agitator Assembly

Shaffer's patented refrigerated agitator® design for single end drive mixers decreases dough temperatures by 3° to 5° F to stabilize and maintain your dough’s ideal temperature. The refrigerated agitator assembly can be retrofitted into existing mixers to provide the most powerful cooling system in the baking industry.



  • Retrofits to current Shaffer or Peerless roller bar and Y-T mixers (ask your service representative about additional applications)
  • For use with glycol cooling system
  • Alternative to updating current glycol system
  • Reduces ice usage

  • Ideal for maintaining: muffin, bread, bun, bagel and frozen dough temperatures
  • Most reliable system for reducing and improving control of dough temperatures
  • Can be shut off when needed to maintain efficiency
  • Exclusive Shaffer technology® proven for 20 years

Mixer Parts and Service Program

Shaffer offers a complete mixer parts and service program. In addition to refrigerated agitator assemblies, Shaffer can provide:

  • Replacement bowls
  • VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket
  • Food-grade Nyloil replacement roller bar bushings
  • Preventive maintenance programs

Mixers We Service

  • Shaffer
  • AMF
  • BEW

  • Peerless
  • BP
  • APV