VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket

The Shaffer VerTech® refrigeration jacket offers bakeries peak performance and efficiency, with the most effective, durable and energy efficient bowl cooling available. The VerTech® jacket is specifically designed for triple roller bar mixers that demand mixing durability; easily holding up to stiff doughs and high HP machines.



Shaffer Hybrid Frame Double Arm Triple Sweep Dough Mixer

Reduced Stress

New design is engineered to distribute dough force over a larger area and results in 75% reduction of stress on channel material and 63% reduction of stress on weld joints.

Energy Efficient

New design provides same heat transfer with up to 46% reduction in pressure drop over corrugated jacket with turbulence pins, resulting in less energy to operate the glycol system.

Maximum Quality

The VerTech® refrigeration jacket is manufactured in discrete steps with three definitive inspection points for maximum quality control.

Factory Tested

In accelerated fatigue testing on a fullscale model, using over twice the force of a low absorption dough, the VerTech® jacket lasted over 40x longer than other conventional jackets.

Accelerated Fatigue Test Results

Results from Finite Element Analysis & Full-Scale Accelerated Fatigue Testing
Reduced stress on refrigeration channels
Reduced stress on weld joints
Reduced glycol system pressure drop (compared with corrugated jacket with turbulence pins)
Increased life of jacket

Ultimate Cooling

The VerTech® refrigeration jacket comes standard on all Shaffer® Triple Roller Bar Mixers. For additional dough cooling needs, we offer:

  • Refrigerated agitator cooling (U.S. Patent No. 9,295,956)
  • Breaker bar cooling

Replacement Option

VerTech® jackets can also be retrofit for the following mixers:

  • Shaffer
  • Peerless
  • BEW
  • AMF
  • BP
  • APV