Mixers & Processing Equipment

Shaffer offers the most extensive and innovative line of horizontal mixers in the baking industry. Our staff pushed the envelope with our proprietary open frame mixer design and has elevated bowl cooling performance standards. We develop technology that not only makes the mixing process more consistent, but also minimizes downtime through maintenance-free and enhanced sanitation designs.

A giant Shaffer mixer mixes 800 pounds of dough

Horizontal Mixers

Our custom industrial dough mixers are engineered to be the most sanitary, durable and innovative available to mix bread, bun, tortilla, masa, cookie, biscuit, cracker doughs, and more.

Processing Equipment

Our line of processing equipment, including dough pumps, chunkers, kibblers and conveyors along with troughs, trough lifts, and bread moulders are engineered to meet bakery production needs.

Parts & Service

Our team has over 110 years of experience servicing horizontal dough mixers and dough processing equipment. We can service our own equipment along with virtually any other industrial mixer manufacturer including BEW, Peerless, and AMF.

Design Innovations

Shaffer is leading the way in horizontal mixing and dough handling equipment engineering. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in designs that provide intelligent solutions to bakeries around the world.

  • 1986

    Shaffer Manufacturing Corporation formed in Sidney, OH

  • 1993

    First mixer with open frame design manufactured

  • 2007

    Shaffer acquired by Bundy family and moved to Urbana, OH

  • 2013

    Shaffer Open Frame Hybrid mixer frame is engineered to provide the best features of the enclosed and open frame mixer designs: energy efficiency (direct drive) and sanitation savings (open frame and watertight enclosure designs). Design won BEST in Baking award at IBIE.

  • 2014

    Donald Shaffer was inducted into the American Society of Baking’s Baking Hall of Fame

  • 2016

    VerTech® refrigeration jacket is developed, offering bakeries peak performance and efficiency, with the most effective, durable and energy efficient bowl cooling available. The VerTech® jacket is specifically designed for triple roller bar mixers that demand mixing durability; easily holding up to stiff doughs and high HP machines.

  • 2018

    Shaffer Select Series Mixers are introduced: precisely engineered to offer maximum value and durability. The all stainless-steel construction combined with watertight enclosures and an open frame feature under the bowl, provides the ultimate mix of simple and sanitary design.