Life Cycle Management Program

Our Life Cycle Management Program was created to provide customers with a rotating supply of high performing bakeware and coatings resulting in optimal operational efficiency and product quality.


Key Benefits

The pan management process is simple and tailored to your products and operating schedule.


Reduced Costs

It has been proven that this service will reduce your operating costs by 15-40% due to reduced oil and parchment paper usage, pan discarding, etc.

Increased Sustainability

Make a positive impact on the environment by reducing oil and parchment paper usage and extending the life of your bakeware.

Improved Product Quality

Clean and hygienic pans result in improved product quality and reduces the need to throw away products unworthy of selling.

Increased Efficiency

The continuous cycle ensures that your bakery is consistently operating with pans at optimal performance.

Dedicated Inventory

Your pan inventory ensures that we can replace old, worn out baking pans in a timely manner and your bakery will always have the right number of pans needed to produce high-quality products.

Dedicated Account Manager

With the help of a single dedicated and knowledgeable account manager, your bakery will receive the support and guidance that it needs.

Equipment & Services

Besides the Life Cycle Management Program by Bundy Baking Solutions, we also offer new and used innovative horizontal mixers and dough processing equipment. And whether you need start-up assistance, employee training, or want to develop a preventive maintenance program, we have you covered.

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Parts & Service

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