Select Series Triple Roller Bar Mixer

Select Series Triple Roller Bar Mixers

Shaffer® Select Series Triple Roller Bar Mixers are precisely engineered to offer maximum value and durability and are ideal for breads, rolls, buns, bagels, English muffins, flour tortillas, pizza crusts, sweet goods and frozen doughs.



All stainless steel plate and tube construction with heavy duty components for maximum durability


Open frame construction with round tube cross-members and watertight enclosures for easy sanitation


Designed with well-known, commonly stocked components for easy maintenance and operation


Engineered to provide optimal performance at maximum value

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600 lb / 272 kg
19.6 cu ft / 555 L
800 lb / 363 kg
23.3 cu ft / 660 L
1000 lb / 454 kg
28.8 cu ft / 816 L



Open Frame Design

All stainless steel plate and tube construction with watertight enclosures for the drive and hydraulic systems

Product Zone

All stainless steel bowl, agitator and canopy

VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket

Provides superior overall strength, unparalleled ability to absorb dough force and excellent dough cooling capabilities

Belt Drive

Single end belt drive located on left-hand side of the mixer in watertight enclosure

Variable Speed Agitator Drive

30 HP, 40 HP, 50 HP or 60 HP standard

Bowl Discharge

Standard discharge heights of 36″ (914 mm), 39″ (991), 42″ (1,067 mm) and 45″ (1,143 mm)

Positive Pressure Side Bowl Seals

Constructed of food-grade material that forms against canopy to provide exceptional bowl sealing

Metal Detectable UHMW

Positive pressure front and rear bowl seals

Rotary Face Agitator Shaft Seals

(patent pending)

Hydraulic Bowl Tilt Systems

With jog and tilt using single or dual hydraulic cylinders for forward tilt up to 110°

Bowl Mounting Bearing

Bowl tilts on a laminate composite bearing

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Canopy

Ingredient inlets available

Watershed® Operator Panel Enclosure

Allen Bradley or Siemens operator panel and controls, and push buttons with universal labels for frequently used functions. Operator panel located on right-hand side of the mixer*

Bolt on Legs

6″ (152 mm), 9″ (229 mm), 12″ (305 mm) and 15″ (381 mm) standard leg heights

Grout Kit

Anchor bolts and grout for sanitary mixer installation

NEMA 4 White Powder Coated Starter Enclosure


UL, cUL Compliant Controls


BISSC Certified


ANSI and USDA Compliant


*Watershed® is a registered trademark of BFM Global, Ltd.

Optional Features

Select Series Single End Drive System

Bowl Tilt

Dual hydraulic cylinders for two-way tilt up to 110° forward and 45° reverse for sponge dough or manually adding ingredients

Butterfly Flour Gate Inlet

12″ (305 mm) diameter

BFM® Inlet

12″ (305 mm) diameter (no flour gate valve)**

Dust Vent

Dust vent with filter

Liquid Inlets

2″ (50 mm) diameter bevel seat

Trough or Hopper Locks

Manual trough or hopper locks


NEMA 4X stainless steel starter enclosure

**BFM® fitting is a registered trademark of BFM Global, Ltd.