High Shear Agitator

High Shear Mixers

Shaffer® High Shear Mixers are ideal for cake and muffin batters, cream fillings, icings, confectionery creams and slurry type products.

High Shear Mixers Resources

1500 lb / 680 kg
26 cu ft / 736 L
2000 lb / 907 kg
35 cu ft / 991 L
2800 lb / 1270 kg
43.7 cu ft / 1237 L


High Shear Mixer with Clean in Place System

Enclosed Frame Design

All stainless steel plate and tube construction with watertight enclosures for the drive and hydraulic systems

Open Frame Design

Features our energy efficient direct drive system and provides easy access for sanitation and maintenance

High Shear Agitator

Heavy duty stainless steel rotary blade includes fixed stator blades

Stainless Steel Product Zone

Bowl, agitator and canopy

Positive Pressure Side Bowl Seals

Constructed of food-grade material that forms against canopy to provide exceptional bowl sealing

Metal Detectable UHMW

Positive pressure front and rear bowl seals

Rotary Face Agitator Shaft Seals

(patent pending)

Hydraulic Bowl Tilt Systems

Tilt using single hydraulic cylinders for forward tilt up to 120°

Bowl Mounting Bearing

Bowl tilts on a laminate composite bearing

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Canopy

Butterfly gate, liquid inlets, and flour dust vent

Watershed® Operator Panel Enclosure

Touch screen operator interface, PLC controls and push buttons with universal labels for frequently used functions*

NEMA 4 Painted Starter Enclosure


UL, cUL Compliant Controls


BISSC Certified


ANSI, USDA and CE Compliant


*Watershed® is a registered trademark of Hoffman Enclosures, Inc.

Optional Features



Over tilt and two-way tilt operation


Refrigeration jacket


Sanitary bowl drain

Flour Gate

Sliding flour gate in lieu of butterfly valve

Flour Gate Adapter

BFM® flour gate adapter and dust vent**

Variable Speed up to 140 RPM


DIA Port

4″ DIA port in the bottom of bowl for pumping out flowable mixed product

Ingredient Door

Ingredient door in canopy

Custom Interface & PLC

Custom operator interface and PLC packages


NEMA 4X stainless steel starter enclosure

Inflatable Bowl Seals


Mixer Mounted on Load Cells


Grace port 120 VAC outlet and ethernet port in electrical enclosure door


Non-contact voltage detector and voltage indicator in electrical enclosure door

ARC Flash Box

Main circuit breaker ARC flash box


**BFM® fitting is a registered trademark of BFM Global, Ltd.