Dough Kibbler with Flighted Incline Conveyor

Shaffer® Dough Kibblers are used to break up dryer dough such as corn masa, cracker, and rotary-molded dough for feeding downstream processing equipment. The Kibbler can process an entire batch of dough by slowly conveying the dough mass through rotating tine cutters, discharging small usable sized (kibbled) dough chunks.

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Dough Kibbler Tines

Production Rates up to 7000 Pounds per Hour

Available on standard kibbler models

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tubular Frame

Mounted on casters

Stainless Steel Hopper

Sizes from 600 to 3200 pound dough capacity

Live Bottom Conveyor

The bottom of the hopper is a stainless steel slider bed style conveyor

Conveyor Belting

Positively driven neoprene food-grade belting to feed the dough mass in the hopper into rotating tine cutters

Dual Stainless Steel Tine Cutters

Two independently driven rotating tine cutter assemblies mounted at the end of the hopper break the dough mass into small chunks

Variable Speed Control

Conveyor and tine cutters are variable speed for controlling dough chunk size and to match downstream dough processing line speed

Side Guides at Discharge End

To funnel kibbled dough pieces onto a takeaway conveyor

Designed for Wash Down

NEMA 4X stainless steel operator and electrical enclosures

UL and cUL Compliant Electrical Controls


BISSC Certified and ANSI Z 50 Compliant

Optional Features

Dough Kibbler with Flighted Incline Conveyor

Flighted Dough Conveyor

Independent of dough kibbler

Dough Level Sensor

At the hopper of the process line

Operator Controls Integrated with Mixer

Pull Cord e-Stop on Hopper

Perimeter Guarding on Hopper

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