Dough Chunkers


Feeds chunks of dough from the mixer area to downstream dividers or forming equipment. These machines can be used in the production of breads, buns, pizza crusts, flour tortillas and more.


Shaffer Header Dough Chunker

Heavy Duty Tubular Stainless Steel Frame Construction

mounted on heavy duty casters

Stainless Steel Dough Hopper

Ceramic Coated Cutters

provide easy release of dough chunk

Variable Frequency Controls

to match downstream equipment line speeds

Sliding Discharge Conveyor

for easy sanitation

ANSI, USDA and CE Compliant

Designed for Wash Down

with NEMA 4X operator and starter enclosures

Production Rates Over 20,000 lb. Per Hour

available on standard models

Gentle Dough Handling

results in little or no dough development

UL, cUL Compliant Controls

BISSC Certified


Vertical or incline dough conveyor mounted to or independent of dough chunker

Dough level sensor

Operator controls integrated with mixer

Manual or automatic traversing systems

Operator controls integrated with mixer