BunPAQ System

This system by Shaffer is designed to perform the final quality control inspection, lane balancing and orientation for individual hamburger buns, cluster hamburger buns and cluster hot dog buns.


Robotic Positioning

BunPAQ robotic positioning component properly orients cluster buns and balances lanes prior to packaging.


EagleEye® Technology

EagleEye® vision system performs quality inspection and initiates automatic rejection system.

Our Features

The Shaffer® BunPAQ System is designed to perform the final quality control inspection, lane balancing and orientation for single hamburger, cluster hamburger buns and cluster hotdog buns.


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tubular Frame construction with interlocked one point entry


Wire Mesh Guards on frame to provide clear view of robotic system while ensuring safety


Food Grade High Speed Spider Unit with 4-axis motion


Proprietary PC based Vision Software and robotic coding with flat screen operator interface


Enhanced EagleEye® system inspects buns for color variation, blisters, flour dust, burn marks, uniform shape, height, configuration, missing parts, and orientation prior to packaging


Solid State LED Light provides superior illumination for consistent product inspection


Auto Training Mode makes set-up of product quality parameters simple by scanning products


Intuitive Operator Controls make adjustments simple


Gathers Quality Control Data on number of buns inspected, number rejected and reasons for rejection and exports a report to a spreadsheet for easy viewing

Recipe Driven Set-Up using photos of each product


Custom Operator Interface Panel with integrated keyboard and monitor


UL, cUL Compliant Controls


BISSC Certified


ANSI, USDA and CE Compliant


Reciprocating Conveyors upstream or downstream from robot for rejection system

Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology to separate buns into lanes prior to inspection

Multiple Product Capability with easily removed robotic arm tooling and electronic keying as needed for cluster applications

Vision system under conveyor to provide quality inspection of the bottom of products

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