May 6, 2016

Chicago Metallic Launches Allergen Management Bakeware Line

Urbana, OH – In response to the ever-growing need to minimize food risks and assure consumers that they can depend on food companies to provide safe products, Chicago Metallic has proudly introduced a new color-coded DuraShield® 265U fluoropolymer coating. Chicago Metallic has applied this purple coating to a range of popular in-stock baking pans. The company’s DuraShield 265U coating can also be applied to other pans on demand, to help companies more safely and efficiently produce allergy-free products for their customers.

Why Purple Coating?

Purple is the universally standardized color selected to identify allergen-free kitchen utensils and equipment in commercial food preparation environments. Chicago Metallic’s purple-colored line of bakeware provides operators with a unique and easy visual identification of allergen-free utensils, greatly minimizing the risks of cross-contamination when foods with allergens are also present in the same environment.

The Durability and Variety that You’ve Come to Expect from Chicago Metallic

Chicago Metallic stocks eleven different allergen management pans including single bread pans, round cake pans, 24-on muffin/cupcake pans, bun pans, baguette and hoagie screens, pizza pans and sheet pans. These stock pans typically ship within 24-48 hours from Humboldt, TN. Other pans can be purchased with the special coating through our custom pan program.

DuraShield® is Chicago Metallic’s proprietary fluoropolymer non-stick coating that has been proven to provide more releases than any other fluoropolymer coating and is certified to be PFOA free. DuraShield is also proven to provide superior release overglaze coatings for sticky batters and doughs, such as for gluten-free products.

With over 15 million Americans currently diagnosed with food allergies and sensitivities (wheat being one of the biggest culprits), managing food-related allergens is an issue that bakery and foodservice operations must address now more than ever. When dealing with customers affected by food allergies, careful attention to food preparation and communication is a necessity. Chicago Metallic’s Allergen Management bakeware allows facilities committed to the concept of being allergy-friendly to add another level of safety assurance to their food production operations and their customers. With the addition of allergen management bakeware options, operators now have the tools, techniques, and training to make successful allergen management even more of a reality.


Chicago Metallic Bakeware is part of the Bundy Baking Solutions family of companies. Other Bundy Baking Solutions companies include: American Pan® industrial baking pans; DuraShield® non-stick coatings for baking pans; Pan Glo® silicone coatings for baking pans; RTB® pre-owned bakery equipment and pans; and Shaffer® mixers & processing equipment.