July 20, 2017

Bundy Baking Solutions Expands in Europe with Acquisition of FBS Prestige

Urbana, OH – Gilbert Bundy, CEO of Bundy Baking Solutions recently announced the Expansion of Bundy Baking Solutions in the European Market through the acquisition of the FBS Prestige division of Fluorocarbon Ltd.

The agreement includes the acquisition of three coating facilities in the UK as well as a coating facility and pan manufacturing facility located in Romania.

Gilbert Bundy commented, “We are very excited to combine the innovation and market knowledge of American Pan and FBS Prestige. The result is the optimization of two industry-leading companies and the ability to provide responsive and comprehensive pan and coating services throughout Europe and the MENA region.”

Bundy Baking Solutions will make significant investments in both the manufacturing and coating operations. Furthermore, in addition to the F-LON® series of coatings from FBS Prestige, American Pan’s proprietary baking pan coatings, AMERICOAT® Plus silicone release coating and DuraShield® non-stick coating, will be available from the European facilities.

Bundy Baking Solutions and American Pan are based in Urbana, Ohio USA and have other European locations in Skelmersdale, UK and Barcelona, Spain. FBS Prestige was created with the merger of Fluorocarbon Bakeware Systems and Prestige and has facilities in Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield in the UK and Alexandria in Romania.

For more information about American Pan and all Bundy Baking Solutions companies visit BundyBakingSolutions.com.

For more information on FBS Prestige visit FBSPrestige.com.