August 13, 2020

Baking the Best Loaf with the Best Bread Tins

Are you ready to bake the perfect loaf? Maybe you’ll be competing in Britain’s Best Loaf competition? Whether you are baking to fill customer demand or you’re aiming to have the next ‘Best Loaf,’ you’ll need the best bread tin to make the best loaf! That’s where American Pan UK is here to help! We offer many bread tin options, including single, 3-in-line bread tins and lids that are great for bakeries of any size! And just as the best loaves are made of many ingredients, so are our bread tins.

Ingredient #1…Quality. Our bread tins are constructed with 0.8 mm aluminized steel, meaning they are strong and sturdy. Each individual tin is inspected by hand before sending to the customer to ensure that it meets our quality standards. Resting on this high-quality material can be one of our proprietary coatings, AMERICOAT® silicone glaze, OptiShield or DuraShield® non-stick coatings…three high-performance coatings that have been proven to outperform all others on the market. From the materials of construction to the details of design, our products are created to provide our customers with the highest quality, longest lasting bakeware.

Ingredient #2…Expertise. American Pan UK is a division, of something much larger than itself. We are a Bundy family brand. As part of a family-owned company, Bundy Baking Solutions, with roots stemming all the way back to 1964, we are continually working to innovate and enhance our products. We’ve developed solutions for customers with unique needs and continue to challenge ourselves in solving our customers’ newest struggles. Bakeware is our expertise and this singular focus allows us to put all efforts toward creating the highest quality, most innovative bakeware in the world.

Ingredient #3…Service. Add some outstanding service to the mix and you’ve got a real recipe baking! We are a family-owned company and our deep passion for the global baking industry is matched only by our commitment to provide each of our customers with exceptional service and satisfaction.

Ready to start baking? Visit to easily purchase our bakeware online. Not sure which bakeware is right for you? No problem. Reach out to our sales team at or take your time deciding and view the entire American Pan UK Stock Catalog here. And when the time is right, don’t forget to join in Britain’s Best Loaf competition, sponsored in part by American Pan UK. Deadline for entry is Monday 7 September, with winners being announced on Thursday 24 September. Contest entries can be submitted here:


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