SMART Pan Tracking®

The American Pan SMART Pan Tracking® system provides bakeries with valuable, precise data to monitor pan coating life and line efficiency.

Pans are laser-marked with a unique 2D code and pan number before leaving the American Pan factory.

Sensors and readers are installed on bakery conveyors, and a PLC with ethernet port is mounted in a convenient location.

Data automatically uploads to a secure website, where you can review data, run analytics and download metrics.

Pan Tracker

What is Tracked

Tracked data includes useful information such as number of cycles / bakes and gaps in line activity. Pan coating life is displayed with intuitive color-coding for at-a-glance review. Theoretical yield is calculated based on line activity. Comparing this to actual yields can reveal scrap, lost product, or productivity shortfalls. Pan gaps, or the time between two pan readings, are summarized to provide insight into line efficiency.


Pan Tracking Coating Life Summary

An intuitive dashboard, detailed charts and graphs, and integrated analytics make it easy to monitor key metrics that impact your bakery—and your business.

Optional Features:

Pans can feature single or dual tags for optimal performance for your specific conveyor configuration.

Data from multiple lines can route to a single PLC.

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