Our coatings can significantly reduce, and in some cases, virtually eliminate the use of oil needed for your baking process. Less oil means healthier baking and all of our coatings are certified to be PFOA-free and conform to FDA standards for coatings in contact with food. Outstanding release characteristics reduce product loss or staining by eliminating the transfer of carbon from dirty pans. Easy clean up allows additional time and cost savings.



Our DuraShield® fluoropolymer coating provides the longest lasting release life and the best characteristics for baked goods. We guarantee a minimum of 3000 releases on most bun products, but have documented over 5000 releases at some of the world's leading bun bakeries.


    Our OptiShield® fluoropolymer coating was developed to provide a solution for conditions where a standard coating will not perform. Whether you have an extremely sticky dough, or extreme temperatures or oven conditions, we have a formulation that will work for your operation.

      AMERICOAT ePlus

      AMERICOAT® ePlus silicone release coating is the industry’s leading silicone coating technology used on all Chicago Metallic glazed pans. AMERICOAT® ePlus features longer-lasting performance and reduces the need for oil usage up to 50%.

        DuraShield 265U

        In response to the ever-growing need to minimize food risks, Chicago Metallic offers color-coded DuraShield® 265U purple fluoropolymer coating. The coating performs the same as standard DuraShield, but also provides easy identification of bakeware used for allergen-free baking.

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          Besides various pan coating types by Chicago Metallic, Bundy Baking Solutions offers new and used innovative horizontal mixers and dough processing equipment. And whether you need start-up assistance, employee training, or want to develop preventive maintenance, we have you covered.



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