AMERICOAT® ePlus silicone release coating is the industry’s leading silicone coating technology used on all Chicago Metallic glazed pans. AMERICOAT ePlus features longer-lasting performance and reduces the need for oil usage up to 50%.


The Value of AMERICOAT® ePlus

Get up to 30% more releases than with other silicone glazes.

Reduce Costs

Use bakeware and equipment longer and reduce or eliminate secondary release agents such as oil, silicone mats, and paper.

Decrease Cleaning Time

Enjoy minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Increase Productivity

Increase yield and reduce waste from depanning issues.

Improve Product Quality

Ensure product consistency through improved dough flow and release.

Increase Safety & Cleanliness

Create a safer environment with reduced fire hazards due to elimination of oils and grease.

Enhance Sustainability

Limit environmental impact by reducing scrap levels, reducing consumption of oils, and prolonging the life of your pans.


Recoating Services

We’ve perfected the process for cleaning and recoating baking pans through 25 years serving some of the world’s largest and most demanding bakeries. Our exclusive methodology and coatings prolong pan life and restore optimal performance.


1. Straightening (Optional)

Hydraulic presses and custom-made dies remove dents and warping, restoring pans to their original shape.

2. Cleaning

A proprietary cleaning solution removes the existing coating as well as heavy greases and carbon from pans.

3. Rinsing

Pans are restored to pristine cleanliness.

4. Drying

Pans are dried in industrial ovens.

5. Coating

Pans are coated with our DuraShield coating and cured in high-temperature batch ovens.

5. Shipping

In most cases, pans will be back in your bakery and good as new within 48 hours.


AMERICOAT® ePlus Use & Care




Lubricate pans.

Apply a baking pan lubricant to the baking areas of the pan as needed. Bread products may only require lubricant before the first bake and after washing. Cake products will most likely require pan lubricant with every bake.

De-pan products quickly.

Baked products should be depanned while the pan is still hot or warm. If baked products are allowed to cool in the pan, steam from the product will penetrate the glaze and may cause glaze lifting, premature glaze failure, and damage to the pan’s surface.

Do not scratch or scrape pans.

Do not use metal utensils or other objects that could scratch the glaze. Deep scratches may cause surface corrosion on the pan.




Clean as you go.

Simply wipe still-warm pans with a clean towel or a towel that has lubricant on it. Avoid pan washing whenever possible.

Wash with mild soap and water.

Commercial baking pans can be washed with pH-neutral products, but only when absolutely necessary. Do not use acidic cleaners, alkaline detergents, or abrasive scrubbing pads. Use of these materials will cause the glaze to fail prematurely and may cause corrosion. Do not pre-soak or wash in automatic dishwashers.

Thoroughly dry pans immediately after washing.

Warm (not hot) ovens work best.

Once dry, store pans upside down.

Do not nest pans immediately after towel drying. Keep pans away from moist and humid storage environments. The best storage areas are dry, warm storage areas or still-warm ovens.


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Equipment & Services

Besides our best-in-class release coatings, Bundy Baking Solutions offers innovative horizontal mixers and dough processing equipment. In addition, whether you need start-up assistance, employee training, or want to develop a preventative maintenance program, we have you covered.



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