Our coating options for new and refinished pans consistently deliver more releases, sometimes twice the releases, than all other competitors worldwide. Our extensive recoating facilities and life cycle programs provide bakeries with a cost-effective solution to baking pan management.

Coating Process


Our industry-proven technology provides the world’s longest release life, delivering more releases—sometimes twice as many— than all other competitors worldwide.


Our OptiShield® fluoropolymer coatings have all been developed to provide a solution for conditions where a standard coating will not perform. Whether you have an extremely sticky dough, like pretzels, or extreme temperatures or oven conditions, like English Muffins, we have a formulation that will work for your operation. Recoating of OptiShield coated pans is offered in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Europe.


Our silicone glaze coating used for virtually any product and can significantly reduce the amount of oil needed for your baking process. With release life from 300-600 bakes and an extensive network of recoating facilities in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Europe, our AMERICOAT® ePlus coating is a very cost effective choice for your baking pans.


Our rubberized silicone coating is a popular choice for coating baguette pans, baking screens and other perforated trays to provide specific baking characteristics and results. Rubberized silicone lasts three to four times longer than standard silicone glazes, giving 800 to 1,500 bake cycles. Recoating of FlexiCoat coated pans is offered in Mexico, Brazil and Europe.

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Besides the American Pans you love, Bundy offers new and used innovative horizontal mixers, bread moulders, trough lifts, dough chunkers and conveyors. And whether you need start-up assistance, employee training or want to develop preventive maintenance we have you covered.

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