American Pan manufactures custom open and pullman bread pans. All pans are constructed of commercial grade materials, fabricated in various sizes and configurations to meet your baking needs and coating specifications.



American Pan open top bread pans Bundy Baking Solutions


Open top bread pans are 22/26 gauge aluminized steel, folded end or seamless construction and can be strapped into sets of 3, 4, 5, 6 or any configuration as specified. These pans are designed to allow nesting of pan stacks.

American Pan pullman bread pans Bundy Baking Solutions


Pullman pans are 22/26 gauge aluminized steel with either folded end or seamless construction. Tension bow rib on strap ends strengthens strapping, prevents inward bowing on ends and absorbs some corner turn abuse between sets. Wire spacers between pan rims add strength and are sized to match panning speeds.

American Pan Pullman Bread and Covers from Bundy


Pullman bread covers have nested style covers stack in an orderly arrangement and work well in automated cover systems. Stacking rod welded to the top of drop style covers provides a stacking ledge and adds strength and weight to the cover. Rod will also protect convex cover during inverted conveying.

American Pan Round Bread Crimped Loafe Pan from Bundy


Round bread/crimped loaf pans are typically seamless drawn 22 gauge aluminized steel with the wire in the rim. The heat holds over the loaf and special de-lidding bars are recommended for heavy production.

Optional Features

Our bread pans are engineered to meet the specific manufacturing and product needs of your bakery. Bread pans can be manufactured and strapped in almost any manner or configuration to meet your industrial bakery operation.


Increased Strength

Corrugated pan material is available in either 45°, reversed 45°, or 90° on the entire pan bottom and sidewall, within 3/8″ from the top of the sidewall or around the bottom perimeter of the pan. Corrugation strengthens the pan rim, sidewalls, and bottoms. (open top bread pans/tins only)

Extra band reinforcement provides maximum protection of the cover band in heavy use operations. (covers only)

Material Options

Custom cover latch options are available to work with manual and automated operations. (round bread/crimped loaf pans and covers only)

Custom strapping design is available for specific equipment or production requirements. (open top bread pans/tins and pans only)

AMERICOAT® ePlus silicone coating or DuraShield® dark non-stick coating. (pans only)

Cover corrugation increases the rigidity of the cover. (covers only)

Ease of Use

Bottom strapping prevents bottom abuse and ensures better pan alignment. (open top bread pans/tins only)

Optional 90° corrugations serve as a slicing guide. (round bread/crimped loaf pans and covers only)

Covers with contoured outerband hold the top pan set onto the bottom and act as handles when de-lidding the top pan set. (round bread/crimped loaf pans and covers only)

Covers with continuous contoured outerband wrapped around on all four sides of the top pan set are designed to drop and hold onto the bottom pan set. (round bread/crimped loaf pans and covers only)

Locator and panner bars help locate the top pan set onto bottom pan set during automated lidding and engage bottom indexer during the moulder/panner operation. (round bread/crimped loaf pans and covers only)

Platform style round bread is designed for use with automated pan handling and stacking. This one piece platform is ideal for protecting the round pan bottoms. The heavy duty platform has generous openings and panner slots to allow for heat flow and smooth panning and conveying. (round bread/crimped loaf pans and covers only)

Better Baking

Perfescape/UTI holes or a perforated pan bottom permit the escape of trapped heat and gases, eliminating cupping and providing a more uniform bake. (open top bread pans/tins only)

Convex pyramid area over loaf helps eliminate concave loaf tops. This feature includes one row of holes through the apex of the convex cover. (covers only)

Convex dome area over loaf produces a full top on loaf to obtain a flat top after cooling and shrinkage. (covers only)

Perforations over loaf area permit gas and heat to escape to ensure uniform top crusts. (covers only)

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