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American Pan Pullman Bread 3 Strap with Lid

Is there a minimum number of pans that I must order for a custom order?

The minimum number of items for a custom order is 250 pieces.

How long can I expect my order to take once it has been placed?

Production time varies widely depending upon the product type and size of the order. Contact our sales team to review your project and get an estimate.

What are the shipping fees?

Shipping fees will vary, and unless specifically stated, these fees are not included in the prices.

Can I track my order once it has been placed?

The only way to track your order is by contacting your sales representative.

What if I receive my order and something is damaged?

Take photos of damaged item(s) and make a note on the receiving bill of lading. You will then need to contact your sales representative.

Do you manufacture trays other than those to be used as baking pans?

Yes, as long as the order is a minimum of 250 pieces. We have made trays for freeze drying meat, meat serving trays, ice cream moulds, pet food drying trays, pans and trays for industrial glue mould machines, industrial dryer vents, paint rolling trays, and many other products outside baking.

Can you manufacture trays in stainless steel?

Yes, we can manufacture stainless steel products. However, please note that stainless steel is not typically recommended for baking applications due to poor heat transfer qualities.

Can you make a custom logo stamp in pans or trays?

Yes, we make custom die cut stamps, custom emboss stamps, and CNC laser etch logo and ID stamps for use on pans and trays. Custom tooling charges will apply.