American Pan UK (Irlam)

Baking Pans and Pan Refurbishment

Our Manchester, UK operation provides pan cleaning, straightening and recoating services for our proprietary DuraShield and OptiShield coatings along with stock and custom baking pan options for bakeries large and small throughout the UK and Ireland.


Pan Refurbishment

We’ve perfected the process for cleaning and recoating baking pans through 40 years serving some of the world’s largest and most demanding bakeries. Our exclusive methodology and coatings prolong pan life and restore optimal performance.

Other Products and Services

We can keep your bakery stocked with a rotating supply of high performing pans through our Life Cycle program or provide new custom or stock bakeware from American Pan.

Lifecycle Program

Our Life Cycle Management Programs establish a continuous cycle to keep your bakeware and equipment clean and hygienic. This service has been proven to reduce operating costs by 15 to 40 percent. In addition to the benefits of recoating pans, these programs give you:

Dedicated Inventory

Automatically replace equipment as needed to maintain required inventory levels

Color Coding System

Easily identify and manage distinct inventory for gluten-free, nut-free, kosher, and other specialized use

Dedicated Account Manager

Depend on guidance and support throughout the process


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