Our Museum

The Baking Museum hosts vintage and modern signage, vehicles, advertising, and even turn-of-the-century baking equipment. Experiencing the museum is a journey through time and tradition.

The first level of the museum showcases an 8-foot-tall Old Home Bakery sign and four vintage delivery trucks, as well as hundreds of advertisements, signs and containers.

Our Museum is a result of Russell T. Bundy’s 40-plus year passion to collect and preserve baking industry history.

The second level is home to three horse-drawn delivery vehicles, including a sleigh used in Michigan. This level also includes Continental Baking Company’s Wonder Bread Magician which is a working display from the 1939 World’s Fair.

This Mrs. Baird’s sign from the 1950’s (pictured above) was once on top of a bakery in San Antonio, TX. The oven was Ninnie Baird’s first oven and was donated to the museum for safe keeping.

The third level includes a wall that pays homage to the “Baking Industry Founders,” those individuals that started some of the most successful baking companies in the United States.

You will also find exact replicas of all Baking Hall of Fame inductee plaques, with the originals being at AIB in Manhattan, KS.

Our Meeting Room area used to be the showroom for RTB, but is now used to display some of the largest neon sign collection.

The museum even has a meeting space that is used for employees or offsite meetings for our customers. The space also houses some of the largest neon signs in the collection.

The enormous collection doesn’t stop inside the walls of the museum. You will find signs and unique pieces throughout Bundy Baking Solutions’ headquarters including the manufacturing area and employee offices.

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