ePAN® Designs

The Latest Innovative Pans

ePAN designs from American Pan are the latest innovative design for bun, roll and other pans that provide a pan that is up to 50% lighter and cool up to 25% faster than traditional pans.

ePANs are constructed of a high tensile strength aluminized steel that is significantly stronger and lighter than traditional pan material.

Key Advantages

From decreasing energy needs in the oven to reducing wear and tear on bakery systems, our ePAN designs have been used in the world’s leading bakeries for years with measureable results.

These bakers have experienced savings on every bakery cycle with:

Improved bake efficiency
Accelerated pan cooling times
Reduced energy consumption by the oven and proofer
Reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs on conveyors, stackers and other pan handling equipment
Reduced time and space required to cool pans

Easier on your bakery because the ePAN* removes thousands of pounds from an average bakery cycle.

Energy efficient because the ePAN uses a higher gauge, higher tensile strength aluminized steel that allows the pan to heat up and cool down faster resulting in reduced energy cost while improving proofer temperature control.

Ergonomically sound because the lighter weight ePAN– weighing up to 35 percent less than a traditional pan – makes handling more manageable for employees.

Environmentally sensible because the high tensile strength aluminized steel ePAN requires a substantially lower volume of raw material resulting in less resource consumption.

*ePAN® and e2PAN® pending trademark registration in Canada

Extended pan life because the high tensile strength of ePAN’s aluminized steel minimizes the potential for pan damage.

Exceptional release properties because we can supply the ePAN with either our unique, proprietary AMERICOAT® ePlus, OptiShield® or DuraShield® coatings… delivering hundreds, even thousands, of trouble free releases.

Economically attractive because the ePAN’s benefits go directly to the bottom line… providing an exceptional ROI.

Reduced Consumption

4×6 4″ Regular Bun Pans

Overall Size: 19 13/16″ x 29 1/16″ Band Size: 5/8″
American Pan epan 4x6 regular bun pan from Bundy

(2500 pcs)
Standard10 lbs
ePAN7.5 lbs6,250 lbsUp to 17%
e2PAN5.7 lbs10,750 lbsUp to 17%Up to 25%

4×8 4″ Regular Bun Pans

Overall Size: 19 13/16″ x 38 5/8″ Band Size: 5/8″
ePAN 4×8 4″ regular bun pans Bundy Baking Solutions

(2500 pcs)
Standard12.1 lbs
ePAN8.6 lbs8,750 lbsUp to 17%
e2PAN6.8 lbs13,250 lbsUp to 17%Up to 25%

6×8 4″ Regular Bun Pans

Overall Size: 29″ x 38 5/8″ Band Size: 5/8″

(2500 pcs)
Standard16.6 lbs
ePAN11.8 lbs12,000 lbsUp to 17%
e2PAN9.5 lbs17,750 lbsUp to 17%Up to 25%

Don’t Waste Energy Baking Metal

The ePAN® bread pan provides the most significant improvements to the bread pan in over 50 years… and it is the strongest, most durable, most energy efficient bread pan available in the world.

ePAN Design

Seamless Pan Construction for Improved Sanitation and Strength

Seamless pans eliminate folding crevices and improve overall product quality, reduce or eliminate the use of oil, and dramatically improve sanitation.

Unique box channel design of the pans eliminates the need for a steel wire in the rim of the pans.

Weldless Rim Span Design Increases Strength

Traditional welded rim spans have been replaced by formed, high-strength aluminized spans that are interlocked to each pan.

These high strength aluminized pans eliminate the need for welding, increase the overall strength of the pan set and permanently join the pans together.

Corrugated Design for Better Handling and Increased Strength

Vertical corrugations aid de-panning and reduce coating wear.

Vertical corrugations release air and gas within the pan and reduce or eliminate the need for UTI holes.

Vertical corrugation design in conjunction with a new manufacturing process prevents thinning and warping of material and creates an extremely durable, lightweight pan.

Stronger Pan Strapping with Anti-Shingling Design

Square strapping eliminates shingling of pans on conveyors.

Seamless pans interlock to the strap to create a very strong, unitized set.

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